Web Design

10025816_sWe don’t just design websites! Learn how and why Viking Media has helped Charities and Non Profit Organisations to get a web presence and a lot more. Not only charities and NPO’s benefit from our design expertise, we have a number of small business’ and start ups among our clientèle. All our sites are designed with SEO in mind.

Sound Production

12490636_sOh, and did you know we are Audio Specialists too. We can produce anything from a podcast to a Radio program and lots in between! Good audio can really make your site stand out. Bad sound can make it sound cheap and amateur.

We have many years of experience in sound production in Europe, using only professional voice over artists.

Linux Support

logo-ubuntu_cof-white_orange-hexFinding it hard to keep ahead of technology without emptying the bank account? Talk to us about the Linux Ubuntu operating system, the economical alternative to expensive corporate operating systems that is just as easy to use.

Ubuntu will do the same for you as Windows or MAC in your office but won’t cost you a packet.

Talk to us

Talk to us today and see how we can put a buzz into your website and your office without breaking the bank. We have representatives in the UK, Ireland and Cyprus, but we do not limit ourselves to those countries. Wherever you are, if you have a creative itch we can help you scratch it!